Monday, 23 January 2012

WIP MG Kampfer Part 2(Painting)

I took 2 weeks to finish up the paintings and glossing the parts.I didn't expect this to take up 2 whole weeks,so i'm a little behind time.I will do my best to finish up the washing and panel lining this week,and finish up the whole thing by next week.
Nothing much to say about the color choice but i did try a heavier shading on this kit.And with proper weathering,i hope it will turn out the way i want it to.Here are some photos of the parts....


  1. Hi,

    I was wondering how you are going to attach the shoulder pads when they are one part?

    1. For kampfer,the shoulder and the arm can actually be separated because it uses pc ball joints.However,there are some other kits(mostly 1/144) that doesn't use ball joints.And to make the shoulders and arms separable for painting,some mods are needed.I did a short explanation on that here,feel free to message me again if you don't understand anything:)