Saturday, 14 April 2012

New Blog Banner

Without noticing,this blog have been running for a year.I want to thank the guys who have been following this blog and showing interests in my work.Believe it or not,the support from you guys have help motivate me to make each project better and bigger,challenging my skills as a modeler.

I have here with me a new banner for this blog,created by Fredrex00,a good friend from Gundam Eclipse forum.He was kind enough to help me with the banner when i was asking for help for it.Thanks Fredrex!Love your work!

Here is a link to his profile page:

Now let me present to you the new banner...

Looks great right?Cheers!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Gundam Epyon Ver. S.X.2,Wyvert Basilisk

Over 4 months in the making,and i have finally completed the gundam epyon.It was a tough and long journey,without the people who have supported me along the way,I may not have been able to finish this.So I really want to give my thanks to them,to those who have motivated me and kept me going.Thank you!

It was a big project,bigger than my last one,more mods and more parts.I originally wanted to enter this into a competition last year together with my deathscythe hell,but there wasn't enough time.Anyway,let me present Gundam Epyon Ver S.X.2,Wyvert Basilisk.

Also feel free to check out my blog for work in progress posts of this model.

There have been so many times when i wanted to stop this project.There were just too many ideas for this and i didn't have the time to execute them properly.

I will still be making a diorama and continuing the wip for this in the near future but instead of pantheon diorama,i think a volcano diorama will suit this model better.

For my next project,the most important thing is not to rush,i tend to rush things and make mistakes and get demoralise,so it's really crucial to give myself ample time to get everything right.I will be making MG gundam heavyarms next,and i will emphasize on kit bushing and pla plate scratch building.It should be an interesting build for me and i hope i can make it into an impressive model...

Check out my new project's wip,full armor gundam heavyarms igel.I will be using parts from full armor unicorn gundam and scratchbuilding gundam heavyarms igel's parts,so it should be an exciting build!And here is the WIP for it, Cya there!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Full Armor Gundam Heavyarms Igel WIP Part 1

Hello guys,i have recently started this new project and I will be working on MG Gundam Heavyarms.I think that modeling is all about learning,so for every new project,i will try to do something that i have not done before.For example,i started scratchbuilding using expoxy on Gundam Deathscythe Hell and kit bashing on Gundam Epyon.And this time,i will try to scratchbuild using pla plate which i have been very eager to try,but lack the confidence to do so.

For this project,it was a tough choice between Gundam Heavyarms and Gundam Sandrock.Gundam sandrock have a lot of potential.But on the other hand,Gundam Heavyarms is such an awesome kit that i can't think of what else i can add.Gundam Heavyarms is all about fire power,so i have decided to add more weapons and ammunitions to it.So i'm going to scratchbuild parts from Gundam Heavyaarms Igel and take the weapons from Full Armor Gundam Unicorn to make this into a killing machine.

These 2 kits is a seam line nightmare!There are so many seam lines and they are mostly on small parts and weapons,which makes them even harder to sand.

I'm going to use the parts from the loto set to make it into something like the attachments to the feet of Heavyarms Igel.The purpose of building this is also to stabilize the kit if the back pack gets too heavy with the addition of weapons.
 Gundam Heavyarms Igel

I will also mod the gatling guns from Gundam Unicorn to look more like the ones from Heavyarms Custom.I hope it will look like a MG version of those NG gatling guns.

I know this idea lacks originality,but what i want to emphasize on other than scratchbuilding is detailing,making the model look more like a machine using pla plate,panel lines,etc.I have always been envious of people who can make the model look so mechanical.Thus i will take this opportunity to further explore this technique,and hope that i can put it into good use and make better models in the future.

Lastly,I hope the people who have supported me through my Epyon project will continue to support me.Thank you!

Oh,and if there is anyone who is  wondering about Gundam Eypon.There were some problems when i was assembling it so i'm still trying to fix them.But don't worry,photos should be up this week.Cheers!