Sunday, 26 June 2011

MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell "The Devil" WIP part 7

Well,this week was really tiring for me.I don't know why but i think my interest is running out.This was what i'm afraid of before i started this kit,because there were other times when i completely stop working on a halfway done project.Last year was also like this,I was working on a competition piece and when i'm 1 month away from the due date,I stopped working on it because i felt tired and couldn't get my ass to work.Hopefully i can get my interest back and finish this.

But no worries,I haven't stop completely,maybe just slowing down.So there is still some new stuff to show you guys this week.The painting of the body is almost done,just need to paint the frame tomorrow.

By the way,did you guys notice that one part of the wing was not symmetrical?I only notice it last week when i was priming it.LOL...Anyway,i have already corrected it and i even make it look better by widening the upper portion.Before this,i always thought that it looked weird because it was just too thin.What do you guys think?Better?

I added some epoxy to lengthen the back of the scythe and sanded it to a shape that i like.I think this gave it a better look because the back was kind of short for a beam that long.After that,I did some detailing to the scythe with chains and rivets.I will add some styrene strips and panel lines later.

And lastly,I have recast 8 pieces of the tail which i think is enough,but they needs a hell lot of cleaning up.So that means more sanding...I really think that this is what making me lose interest...What to do?...

So lets hope that there will be another update.Off to more sanding:(

Friday, 24 June 2011

Upcoming Gundam model kits(MG Gundam Sandrock and MG Gundam Heavyarm)(UPDATED)

Good news guys,here are some pictures of upcoming gunpla models.MG Gundam sandrock will come out fall this year(September maybe,after MG delta plus that will be release in August) and MG Gundam heavyarm appears to be still in production stage,but i think it should come out at the end of this year or early next year.I got this information from the net and it looks like the real deal,because there were NG mods of wing series gundam at the 50th japan hobby show and MG shenlong is already out.I can't wait to get these,especially the heavyarm,and i wish heavyarm cutom will come out soon.
This is definitely the real deal,its from the August issue of japan hobby magazine.

Update-MG Gundam Sandrock will be released this october.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell "The Devil" WIP part 6

This is a short update,I didn't manage to do a lot this week.I started painting the body and is about halfway done.
I started painting the dark grayish purple parts first,because after priming,those parts have the least clean up needed.I'm almost finish with the silver and white parts also.

My shading is a little subtle,so I don't know whether you guys can see it in the pictures.

I mentioned that I will make a tail for this kit,and here is a section of it.I will have to recast this 8-9 times,because my previous method was unsuccessful.I thought that I could sculpt 10 of this and all of them will be similar,but I was so wrong...So I turned to the recast method after I sculpted one to my liking.I'm not very familiar with recasting so I hope it will work out this time.

I'm almost done with the wings,so give me maybe one more week and it should be finished.I also came up with some ideas on how to detail the scythe so look forward to that as well.Cheers:)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell "The Devil" WIP part 5(UPDATED)

Hey guys,I know i'm late for last week's update and i'm sorry.I wasn't able to finish all the detailing up(pla plating,rivets,panel lines),and i didn't want to post a few pictures of some parts that is done.I wanted to show how the whole body looked.Take note that i haven't finish the tail,weapons and wing,there just wasn't enough time,or maybe its because my working speed.I know most of you are waiting for the wing,and i ask you'll to be patient,it should be done after 2 more weeks.

My main focus for this week was to do detailing and clean all the parts up.I will still have to add short styrene strips to some parts,but before that,i will need to see how the whole thing looked after the additional details are added.

The pose may change a little when everything is done and i will adjust it to fit the diorama.

I sawed away the excessive plastic between the fingers,so that it will look like the fingers are separated.If i had time i would separate all the fingers and make each movable,but not this time.

When i'm placing a rivet,i would first drill a hole through that is big enough for the rivet's end to go in.After that,I would drill a larger hole halfway through so that there would be a small gap around the rivet and the rivet won't be sticking out too much.I think this helps the rivets blend in with the kit more.(Eg.Rivet size-1.2mm,second hole size-1.5mm)

I wanted to post this last week but i forgot all about it.This is a mod i did to the shoulder,which allow all the parts to be painted separately.This also allow me to remove the seam line in between the 2 shoulder pieces,by cementing them together.
(Note:The parts which i have cut away are highlighted in yellow,and please pardon my photoshop work,i'm a noob at that.)

Test fitted the wing today and it looks great,I was worried that it will be too big but i think its just nice.

Hope you guys like the overall look,and please stay tune to the next update.Cheers!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

How to scribe nice and clear panel lines for your gundam models.

Most of you may already know how to scribe panel lines,but for those who are still finding a good way to do this,this tutorial may be able to help you.
When I was finding ways to scribe panel lines,my main problem was scribing similar pattern to both sides of a part.There are some who use tracing paper,but i find it hard to use because sometimes the transferred pencil marks does not come out clearly.Thus,I went to find other alternatives and i find using a transparent sheet to mark out,the easiest way to do this.

Tools-These are the scribing tools i use,the small scriber(top) have a small tip and the bigger scriber(bottom) is for scribing larger lines.

Step 1-Draw out the pattern on the piece you wish to scribe new panel lines.

Step 2-Using thick masking tapes(scribing marks) as guidelines,scribe lines gently along the tape with the small scriber.

Step 3-Place a piece of transparent sheet over the pattern,use a marker to mark out the corners.Pierce through the markings with the small scriber or needle(something sharp).

Step 4-Place the transparent sheet over the other side of the piece(you can secure it with tape),gently poke through the holes and this will mark out the corners of the pattern you want to scribe.Then,repeat step 2 and 3.
Step 5-Use the bigger scriber to widen and clean the the panel lines.

Step 6-Sand the surface until even and the new panel lines are done.

Of course,patience and practice are keys to scribing nice panel lines.But I hope this will help ease the process.Thank you for dropping by.

Friday, 10 June 2011

New images and plot about upcoming gundam series "gundam age"

Piloting a Gundam to fight to defend the Earth! Suffering an attack from the sudden appearance of the enemy “UE”, Frite completes the “Gundam” together with technological developers of the Federation Forces. With the power to become strong while fighting, the unknown enemy “UE” is beaten back one by one. In order to protect mankind, the Gundam sallies forth!
Frite (or Gullit) Asuno – Main character who developed the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE-1 equipped with the AGE SYSTEM.Asem Asuno - The second main character and son of Frite. Inherits the Gundam and fights.Kio Asuno - The third main character and grandchild of Frite. Inherits the Gundam passed down from generation to generation.Emily - Friend of Frite since the age of seven.Groudeck – Earth Federation Forces Commander. Captain of the battleship Diva.Millais – Earth Federation Forces Lieutenant Junior Grade. Comm chief of the battleship Diva.Gafuran – A mysterious enemy like an alien who strikes at mankind.
The Gundam AGE-1 is the main characters unit. Although it’s a machine, surprisingly, the Gundam grows with the “AGE SYSTEM”. It’s form seems to change with growth from experience in battle!*(This may be interesting,as we can look forward to new versions of gundam age-1,and hopefully it will have nicer design.And since there are 3 generation,maybe there also will be 3 versions of gundam age.)

GUNDAM AGE-1 SPARROW (Speed Type) – A cool blue unit is the highlight. The enemy is torn to shreds with the cutting edge of the sharp Sigl Blade.(The mech on the left)
GUNDAM AVE-1 TITUS (Power Type) - Though it doesn’t appear to carry weapons, with it’s unbelievable destructive power it crushes the enemy.(The mech on the right)

Source-Zeonic Scanlations,Gundam Guy

Thursday, 9 June 2011

M.S.G. Modeling Support Goods: Geo Chain Base Series 1-3

I saw this today on gundam guy's blog,and i thought that people who are into gunpla would be interested in it.This chain base are highly detailed and excellent for beginners to showcase their work on,and also great for adding details to your own diorama.

M.S.G. Modeling Support Goods: Geo Chain Base 01 Desert Scenery Set [Kotobukiya]
(Release Date: Late Oct 2011, Price: 888 yen)

M.S.G. Modeling Support Goods: Geo Chain Base 02 Town Scenery Set [Kotobukiya]
(Release Date: Late Oct 2011, Price: 888 yen)

M.S.G. Modeling Support Goods: Geo Chain Base 03 Moon Scenery [Kotobukiya]
(Release Date: Late Oct 2011, Price: 888 yen)
Source:gundam guy,amiami
There are also other chain base available at HLJ,go to this link and have a look.