Saturday, 10 September 2011

MG Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" Week 5

Hi guys,here i am again doing my weekly update on the epyon gundam.1 more week before i have to start painting,i better hurry up and finish all the mod stuff.I don't like to do both mod and painting at the same time because i like to be organized...Nah joking...I'm just lazy...

Let me see,I decided to forgo the spikes on the wing.The reason is i feel that with the spike there is just too much on the wing and make it rather messy.I hope this is the right decision.

Secondly,i added some "spike" to the leg.To me,i think there is a lot of things that can be done to legs but i better don't be too over ambitious.I'm thinking whether i should add similar "spikes" to the upper joint,i did cut out some design but they don't seem to fit.

I also extended the neck like i did with my DSH to make it look fiercer.I forgot to mention about this last week,but i made this mold to duplicate the pieces i need to mod the sword.Now that i have the pieces i can start work on this next week.However,I'm still thinking what to do with the grip...

I had a little break from gunpla and some of the stuff was rather time consuming.So not too many things done this week,and this is the last thing i did.I've started on the diorama,and i'm building the roof of the pantheon,just the front part.I'm not doing the dome because its too big.I hope i got the scale right,because this have been the source of my headache for a few days...If i'm not wrong its bigger than the gundam.I even took reference from gundam seed destiny the scene where cagalli was going to get married...
The length is about 22cm.

Nothing much to say on the building.So i'm going to talk about the pillars which i left of last time.So the solution that worked for me is using plastic sheet and glued it onto the paper.After that make a mold and pour the plaster in.I've also tried other methods but they didn't do that well.My first few tries with this,the mold slanted when the plaster was left to dry,because it was too heavy so the mold starts to bend.My solution was to use a hollow rod as extra support and place the mold inside.I hope this will be useful if someone else is interested to try this.

I feel a little excited because i'm finally going to paint this,but next week is going to be a rough week,as there are still so much to be done.So see you guys next week!!

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