Sunday, 29 May 2011

MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell "The Devil" WIP part 3

Time for another update on my progress for this kit.

There weren't much stuff done this week,because most of the time was spent on the wing.The first thing i did was to paint and mask the inner frame and the red part of the wing.After that,i went to cement the wings parts together,so that i can remove the seam line later.The next thing to do was modding the wing tips,i cut out the template that i have prepared and glued it onto the wing and apply lots of epoxy on it.I wasn't very good with the epoxy so pardon my mess with it.Now,comes the part which i hated most,SANDING.I spent 3 hours to finish sanding 1 side of the wing and will continue on tonight.Hopefully,i will be able to finish,so that i can do some touch up tomorrow,as you can see it still not quite done yet.

Lets continue on with the knee mod which i started last week.I went to cut out part of the knee cap's frame because the vent that i placed was preventing the knee to articulate properly.The 2 holes above the knee was supposed for the wire,but i didn't like the outcome so i'm gonna put 2 short tubes instead.The back remains the same,and i'm happy with it.

Some mishap here...The joint snap but I was able to glue it back.

Lastly,some progress on the launch pad.Added more pipes and damages,bullet holes and slice marks...

Stay tune for the next update which will be about panel lines and adding pla plate.Hopefully,i can finish them and start on the painting ASAP...I'm running out of time!


  1. An excellent job done, and those wings are just fierce. Sorry to cut to the chase, but I was curious as to why you decided to chain the scythe to the leg. Is there a specific logic to it, or just an artistic decision?

    Rock on!

  2. Thx for your compliment bro:)
    No,i didn't chain the scythe to the leg,the chain from the scythe just happens to be touching the side of the knee.

  3. Dude. teach me. you gotta. =)) what were the materials u used /needed for this project?? ( for the mod extensions for the wing, specifically
    ) it kinda kicks ass man!!