Saturday, 17 September 2011

Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" Week 6

The things that i ordered arrived on monday,which made my week a lot busier but it was fun.Sometimes,i think i work too slow so a change of pace is refreshing.Before i start breaking down the things i've done,i want to tell you guys i'm thinking of changing the color scheme to that of the kshatriya.Since i want green as the main color,the color scheme look like its best suited.For the previous color scheme,my main concern wad the dark grey so i have been looking around for its replacement.Also i decided to not use the light grey too.I will post some samples when i've done mixing the colors,i hope that it will go well.

Now lets get on to the actual topic.i sanded and clean up the spikes for the sword guard and superglued onto it.

I modded the backpack to accomodate the extra shield on the back and make space for the fifth head's neck to be secured.i "kinda" combine the 2 backpack from shenlong and epyon together.But most its still epyon's backack because if i were to mod too much i may have difficulties attaching the wing.

I had to mod the connector on the shenlong's dragon fang so that i can attach them to the arms of the epyon and here is what i have modded.Epyons arm is a little bulkier than shenlong's so i had to remove the piece at the side.
Picture from

Here is how the leg look after i added the spikes to the upper portion of the leg.

My extra metal thrusters also came together with the 2 boxes of shenlong,so i was finally able to fix them onto the booster.

I wanted to show you guys the primed version of the fifth dragon last week,but something broke so i remove it from the previous post.As you guys can see there is still a lot work to be done,also I'm quite concern with the curve panel lines that i want to draw on it.This will be my first time drawing non straight panel i'm a little nervous.

For the diorama,i have started scribing tiles patterns on the front of the pantheon,andi will continue this with the sides of the roof.I will also add more details in the following weeks.And for the pillars,i've made small steps for them to make them look as realistic as possible.

I'm finally at the half way point,and like i said last week i'm going to start painting next week.I will probably start with the light green parts first and separate them into 2 batches,as there is too many to be finished in 1 go.Thats all for now,please stay tune to the next update.Thx:) .

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