Sunday, 5 June 2011

MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell "The Devil" WIP part 4(UPDATED)

So basically this week,I was doing cleaning work for the wings and some minor mod on the body.But i was excited when the stuff i ordered from HLJ finally arrived.Because in it were some things that i need to make a tail for this kit,and hopefully it will turn out as menacing as the wing looks.

For the wings,I went to apply white putty on the whole thing and sand it down,this give it a smooth surface and also even out the surface.I also did redesign the middle portion by making the ends longer,so that it won't look out of place since all the other parts are longer now.Take note that I have not finish cleaning it up,there are still places that needs touching up but i will do those after i have it primed.Priming it will help me spot out which part need to be sanded down and where i need to add more putty.

I also ordered some chains from HLJ,that i planned on putting them on the hand,leg and also wing of the model.But since the wing is not yet ready,I proceeded on with the hands and legs.
I will add damages to the chain first before attaching it to the screw thing.But I went to make a test fit piece,to see how it will look.

This morning,i started scribing new panel line on the model using this new tape that i got online and it works really great.Before this,I was using those thin metal pieces as guideline to scribe,but it was so hard to hold it still and most of the time the line was not drawn well.I also tried using other tapes but some are just too thin,and some are just too sticky that will leave glue marks on the piece you are working on.

Lastly,I will show you guys the tail that i've mentioned earlier on.I just started on this,so there is really not much now,but i hope it will come out great after i'm done.This is actually the heat rod from my NG tallgeese 3 that i have for a long time.I added small pipe joints to every joints so that each one can move independently and have more flexibility.I could have waited for the MG epyon to come out and use it's heat rod for this,but I think it will be a waste of money and the model itself.

Here is my rough sketch on how i want the thing to turn out and also i will redesign the tip too.

I will probably start painting next week,but I hate to start painting before i have finish all the mod.Well,no choice...So stay tune for the next update,and hope you guys like what i did.Cheers:)

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