Saturday, 11 June 2011

How to scribe nice and clear panel lines for your gundam models.

Most of you may already know how to scribe panel lines,but for those who are still finding a good way to do this,this tutorial may be able to help you.
When I was finding ways to scribe panel lines,my main problem was scribing similar pattern to both sides of a part.There are some who use tracing paper,but i find it hard to use because sometimes the transferred pencil marks does not come out clearly.Thus,I went to find other alternatives and i find using a transparent sheet to mark out,the easiest way to do this.

Tools-These are the scribing tools i use,the small scriber(top) have a small tip and the bigger scriber(bottom) is for scribing larger lines.

Step 1-Draw out the pattern on the piece you wish to scribe new panel lines.

Step 2-Using thick masking tapes(scribing marks) as guidelines,scribe lines gently along the tape with the small scriber.

Step 3-Place a piece of transparent sheet over the pattern,use a marker to mark out the corners.Pierce through the markings with the small scriber or needle(something sharp).

Step 4-Place the transparent sheet over the other side of the piece(you can secure it with tape),gently poke through the holes and this will mark out the corners of the pattern you want to scribe.Then,repeat step 2 and 3.
Step 5-Use the bigger scriber to widen and clean the the panel lines.

Step 6-Sand the surface until even and the new panel lines are done.

Of course,patience and practice are keys to scribing nice panel lines.But I hope this will help ease the process.Thank you for dropping by.


  1. Awesome I love your work keep it up!

  2. hello! nice tutorial! btw wanna asked you, when doing panel line scribbing, did you prime you kits 1st or did it in its original color.

    1. I find it easier to draw your design on the parts this way,but i don't think it make much of a difference.I just prime it first to spot for nubs and other mistakes i've made when i was assembling it.

  3. Good and simple. I will go out to buy this tape...