Sunday, 7 August 2011

MG Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" WIP Week 1

The joints are pretty weak so i need things to help hold them up.

I got the MG epyon a few days back and have almost finished denubbing it.I have also started on modding the wing and working on the "5 heads".The 5 heads is nothing special actually,i mean most of you must have figured out how i am going to get the 5 heads.The first 2 heads is the epyon's feet themselves and the other 2 is from the shenlong's claw. Disappointed?Well,let me show you the 5th head first which may make you guys more disappointed...Haha...But don't worry,i'll try my best to improve their look and hopefully i can give them a unique look.

I have also started working on the wing which if you have read my last post,you will know what design i'm going for.First,i use pla plate to mark out the places i need to add epoxy,this also helps strengthen the parts when it dries.Next,i applied epoxy putty to them and try to mold them into shape.But i'm not good at molding so i'll wait until it dries and sand them into shape.That means for the next whole week,i will be sanding the wing...AHHH!

So for next week,i will sand the wing and remove the seamlines on the model.I like to fix up the model first before applying any cement.Because like this,i will know which parts i need to remove the seamlines and which parts will be hidden and removal of seamlines is unnecessary.

Hope you guys like what you are seeing here and please stay tune for the next update.Cheers guys:)