Saturday, 2 July 2011

MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell "The Devil" WIP part 8

Hello guys,welcome to another update.The progress for this week is kind of slow,but i think my interest for this is back,which is great.And this is all thanks to you guys who have been so supportive,thanks guys!

Ok,lets start with the scythe that was near to completion last week.I have added some details to the mod part using pla plate and panel lines,and it looks great.It was kinda bland last time and feels like there was certain things missing.

The tail gave me such a hard time because of the connectors.I had to make the segments longer so that they won't block each other.This was a problem that I knew from the start,but it is still a pain to solve it.When i drilled the back of segments,the epoxy would crack and I have to use polyester putty to fill them up and sand back to its shape.And one more thing,I still haven't thought of a nice design for the tip of the tail.Any ideas?
 After some cleaning...


I guess it turned out not too bad...

By the way,I took out all the pipes from the pieces of launch pad because it looks weird with so many pipes.And I will have to rethink the shapes of each pieces,I think its too squarish now.What do you all use to saw large pieces like this?Those router saw is too small and hand saw is hard to use and it may break the thin plastic.

So look forward to the diorama next week,cheers guys:)

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