Sunday, 6 May 2012

MG Gundam Epyon "Wyvert Basilisk" WIP part 11

After the completion of the model,i have been woking on the diorama for it.
Basically,the concept is to make a volcano,because i think what better place for a dragon to fly over than over the top of a volcano with gushing lave.And also the orange lava will suit the Epyon's color scheme nicely.
So first,i have to make the top of the volcano which is the crater.And to make that,i'm trying out a new technique using plaster cloth.

First,i make out the rough shape of the crater using styrofoam blocks and secure them using masking tape.

Second,i applied a layer of plaster cloth to strengthen everything so that modeling clay can be applied easily.

Modeling clay is applied next and molded.

Lastly,i applied more layers of plaster cloth to give it the rocky,mountainous look.

I want to make it look like the volcano is erupting,so i've been trying to made some lava splashes using modeling clay.This is my second attempt at making splashes.It is a simple technique,molding the clay with tweezers,but it definitely need practice and a lot of patients.I not quite sure whether it will look like lava so i'm really hoping it will turn out the way i want.Fingers cross...

Here is a little tip.Some of you guys may know that the modeling clay tends to crack after drying because too much water was applied when molding.So to solve this problem,i apply silicon gel to fill the cracks.

The next step will be to paint the diorama,but my compressor just broke down the other day,so i'm not sure when i will be able to finish this.Sigh...