Sunday, 28 August 2011

Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" Week 3

For this week,i've been working solely on the body as i got tired of sanding the wings.Sometimes,its best to change and work on something else,this helps me from getting burnt out.

Basically what i did was the same as my deathscythe hell,drawing the panel lines,adding rivets and pla plates,so i won't talk about those.

I did some modding to the ankle,to make the parts separable even after i cement them together and removing the seam line.How i went about doing so is rather simple and most of you should already know this.After i cement the 2 red parts and removed the seamlines,I drew a wide panel line right in the middle.Make sure the line is deep and use a hobby knife to cut in between the panel line and separating the 2 parts.Now,i can paint the red parts and the inner frame separately.

Most kits' ankle are like this,and if you do not want a panel line in the middle,you can draw 2 parallel panel lines on the sides and cut 1 of those right through to separate the 2 parts.After painting,the panel lines will look like its part of the design and the ugly seamline will be gone.

I wish i got more examples and photos to show,but i kinda got lazy...

The next thing i did is also a mod to clean up the seamline on the claw.First,i cut out the portion that is highlighted in black.Next,cement it onto the other part of the claw and putty the gaps.And the unpleasant seamline is gone.I hope the pictures will explain the steps better than i do...Haha...

And for all the joints,i sanded the black portions down so that they won't rub against other parts and scratch the paints off after painting.Even when the parts aren't touching each other after priming,it is likely that they will after painting because paints will add to the thickness of the surface.
Arm frame(Left),Leg frame top portion(Right)

For additional details,other than the rivets,panel line and pla plate,I added pipes underneath the shoulder to enhance the look of the inner frame.

I was thinking whether i should combine the 2 shenlong weapon and make it into the EW version,or use epyon's sword as the main weapon.What i don't like about the sword is the guard,it looks too small compared to the huge beam.So i went to test fit the fin onto the side of the guard,so as to extend the width and make it look bigger.The fins fit pretty nicely to the side,so i hope after some modifications i can make them movable so that when the beam is not activated,i can close the fins.

I'm going to mod the boomerang from destiny gundam into spikes for the wing.Here is the basic design for it.

I'm sorry for the wordy post,but i hope that some of the mods i explained can be of help to those who are just starting out gunpla.Thats all for now,see you guys on the next update:)

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