Sunday, 2 October 2011

Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" Week 8

It is finally week 8,time passes so quickly...This will be another short update from me,i couldn't get much done because i have fallen sick.I really don't like to give you guys these short updates because there aren't many new contents in it.I hope you guys won't find this boring.

For the wire connecting the sword and the side skirt,i put the wire into a spring to make it look more mechanic.

The paintings are progressing smoothly but very slowly due to the weather,it has been raining constantly for the past week and i can't spray clear coats on parts when it is so wet.I was planning to finish painting all the parts for the body but as you can see i only manage to finish the dark green and white parts.

For the diorama,I've added new tiles lines to the roof,but somehow i still feel something is lacking.I hope this will change when i add texture and damage onto it later on.

Wow,this must be the shortest update i've done.I thought last week was short but this week's is even shorter.But don't worry,for the whole of next week i will be detailing up the wing,dragon head and hopefully finish up the roof and pillars.So there will be tons of content next week.Cheers!

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