Friday, 29 July 2011

XVG-666D Gundam Deathsycthe Hell Ver. SX2 (Apollyon,The Adversary)

I just finish this model and i got to say it came out rather nicely.It took me about 3 months to finish and i got to say i'm really surprised that the modding didn't turn out as bad as i thought it would.My last 2 attempts at using epoxy putty was a nightmare,so i wasn't very optimistic about this time.

Ok,lets get on to the model itself.But first,i would like to give a big shout out to the guys at gundam eclipse and gundam australian forum for giving me support and advices along the way.Thank you guys!

My idea came from a deathscythe hell MG conversion,the modeler used MG wing zero custom as base and convert the body into deathscythe hell and scratch build the wings.The wings was what inspired me to do a devil theme deathscythe hell.The very first thing i did was design a wing similar to his,because if i can't do this then it would be meaningless to continue.I did make the wing to my liking but it was not even close to his.

And to make my deathscythe hell different from his,i came up with some other mod ideas,like adding a tail and redesigning the scythe.The scythe turns out great,but due to time constraint i rushed to make the tail and although the design looks ok,it lack details.And when i was fixing the tail to the body,i realized that it still need more work for it to go well with the kit itself,so i decided to take it down.If you want to see how it looks like you can check out the wip on my blog.

I was rather disappointed at how i messed up the color scheme.The 2 tones of purple was a mistake,they looked ok when it was still glossy but when i sprayed flat coat over them,the tone of the 2 purple became almost identical.I probably will try to repaint it in the future with a different color scheme.Suggestions are welcome because i'm super bad with colors.Haha.And maybe i will even have time to add the details that i wanted to add or maybe some new mod ideas that i can put into this.

Here are some close up.

For the diorama,I made a chain scythe to go with the beam scythe.Then i used the MG aile strike gundam's launch pad and added details.For the base,i used pla plated and cut them into sections and make them look like cracks by making them uneven.And then i added debris using the method i learnt from DC23's blog.I also tried to use fluorescent paint for the slashed marks,and this was from darkyojimbo.There are just too many people/blogs that i have learnt from,so i just want to give a big thank you to all those who are sharing their experience and techniques:)

During the course of these 3 months,i have learnt a lot.The most important lesson was that your idea won't become real,if there is no hard work put in.There are mods that may seem impossible to be done at first,but one step at a time,it will be done.

If you guys want to see my 3 month work progress,feel free to go check out the WIP.

Lastly,I want to thank you guys for viewing my work.Cheers:)


  1. Very beautiful kit! I love this efect with the scythe in the ground!

  2. Thx bro:)Glad that you like it.

  3. TWO THUMBS UP!! very nice! =)

  4. can comment anything anymore ..... amazed by your wings wip ...... *bow*
    anyway can i request 1 pic for this baby pls ...
    pic with his wings closed n cover up his body pls i keep wonder how will it look like ... so may i request 1 pls ..........* blink blink *

  5. Erm...I'm not sure about that man...I'm worried that it will scratch off some of the paint,plus i'm thinking of entering this into a competition so i don't want that to happen.Sry to disappoint you man:(

  6. cool man, its okay ..... u did a really good mod here, n for competition, i'm right behind ya, support u
    once again i love your mod, never like this deathscythe but after this baby i'm completely in love, wish to have moding skill like yours
    thx man