Sunday, 22 May 2011

MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell "The Devil" WIP part 2

Now for my second update...
Firstly,I extend the neck a bit for mobility purpose.

Did some modification on the head/cheek so i could paint a different color for the red part.I know i can hand paint it,but i wasnt confident in my hand painting.

I added vents on the knee and drilled some holes for pipes.
And the vent on the wings are ready,I just need to add some pla plates.
For the diorama,I cut the launch pad into 3 parts.I burnt the sides and added pipes underneath.I will add damages later on.

Lastly,my color scheme for this kit.

Gunmetal-inner frame
bronze-some red parts
dark purple-black parts
dark grey-purple/grey parts
light grey-white part on the body

Hope you guys like it,stay tune for my next update.Cheers...

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