Monday, 30 January 2012

MG Kampfer(Completed)

I have finally finished the MG Kampfer for the "Universal Century vs Alternate Universe" group build on Gundam Eclipse forum and i'm so glad that i managed to finish it before the dateline.MG Kampfer is an awesome kit,the design looks cool and it has tons of weapons.My only problem was its frame,since it uses an older frame design some of the joints weren't very strong which make posing it a challenge. My original concept for this model is to make it into a machine that have gone through many battles,however i wasn't able to completely stick to that idea.

I've made 2 mistakes during the work process,the first mistake lies with the damages i've added.It wasn't enough nor sever enough to give the impression of a war machine.Aside from adding more big slash marks,burn holes and bullet holes,i also should have added some cast iron effect on the kit.

Secondly,i've overlooked the importance of "washing" during the weathering process.The washing technique is very crucial if you want a nice weathered kit,because if done correctly it helps to show the age of the machine,by introducing rust and other weather elements to the kit,just like a real old machine would have.I skipped this step because to prepare for the washing process,another clear coat must be added after panel lining to seal the panel lines.However,the weather was bad and i couldn't spray that layer of clear coat in time.I thought i can achieve the same effect by using pastel but i was wrong,it was really a shame.

Although i wished that i could have avoided these mistakes,i am still very proud of this.Everytime i finish a kit,i always get this "wow" feeling,i'm sure some or all of you will understand this.Maybe its because of the effort i've put into the kits or maybe its just how different the kit look after it has been painted.I hope you guys like this kit as much as i do and i can't wait to get back to my Epyon gundam.Cheers:)


  1. Hi,

    That's a great paint job on the kit. How did you managed to match colors so well?

    1. Thank you sir:)
      For this kit,i just went and follow the color scheme on the manual.I don't really have any tips on mixing paints.i usually mix a small amount first,get the color right and then mix more,this helps to minimize wastage.
      If you want to create a custom color scheme for your gundam,but you are not sure whether the colors will work.You can use photoshop to test the colors out first,or you can print out a photo of your gundam and use color pencil/markers to do the same.
      Hope this helps mate:)

  2. I like the battle damage and weathering. IMHO it doesn't have to be 'all-in' and a more restrained outcome can have a bit more class and allow the nice colors to still be appreciated.