Sunday, 19 February 2012

MG Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" WIP Part 10

For this 2 week,i was planning to finish everything and get all the remaining parts set for painting.It was very rush,but i was able to finish most of the parts and prime them.So i will be able to start painting them next week.I also found the waterslides for this,which i have been looking for a long time.This is great news because if i wasn't able to find this,i will have to stop work after painting and wait for samual decal or bandai to come out with it.
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I know you guys are eager to know what i have added to the NG Nataku's claw.So lets start off with the beam cannon that i got from some zoids parts.The inner part of the claw was very empty,since there isn't a frame so i wanted to put something in it.I don't really have the time nor the skills to build a frame so i thought of adding a cannon.I attached 2 joints to the cannon,1 for it to be attached to the head and the other is for the neck(Epyon's whip) to attach to it.

Next,i have 2 scratched build thrusters/vents that i placed on the back of the head.I couldn't find suitable thrusters from my collection of gundam parts,so i have to try scratch building them.Luckily it turned out ok,i was worried because i don't have much confidence in my scratch building skills.

Thrusters still need some more work.

I also noticed that the head have a lot of crave areas which i don't really like,so i sanded them flat and give them some edges.I can't really explained why i don't like them but it just look "toyish"to me,but this is just my own personal opinion.I also went to sharpened the claw to make them look more menacing.

I really like the whip parts but it's a challenge to fix them.I have to find a way to separate the "round things" on the sides,so that i can have them painted different colors.I know i can mask them,but round parts are hard to mask.If the sides are even,i can still use blue tack to cover them for painting but its uneven.Luckily,i found an article showing how to do this and that is to cut them out before cementing and put them back after painting.

Nothing much to talk about the wing,its always the same process of puttying and sanding.However,i'm very happy and excited to finally have it ready for painting.

I think i have covered all the stuff i did over the past 2 week.I still need to do some detailing to the head,so i will probably have a short update when that is done next week.I hope you guys liked the overall look of the backpack and thank you for reading.Cheers!

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