Sunday, 26 June 2011

MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell "The Devil" WIP part 7

Well,this week was really tiring for me.I don't know why but i think my interest is running out.This was what i'm afraid of before i started this kit,because there were other times when i completely stop working on a halfway done project.Last year was also like this,I was working on a competition piece and when i'm 1 month away from the due date,I stopped working on it because i felt tired and couldn't get my ass to work.Hopefully i can get my interest back and finish this.

But no worries,I haven't stop completely,maybe just slowing down.So there is still some new stuff to show you guys this week.The painting of the body is almost done,just need to paint the frame tomorrow.

By the way,did you guys notice that one part of the wing was not symmetrical?I only notice it last week when i was priming it.LOL...Anyway,i have already corrected it and i even make it look better by widening the upper portion.Before this,i always thought that it looked weird because it was just too thin.What do you guys think?Better?

I added some epoxy to lengthen the back of the scythe and sanded it to a shape that i like.I think this gave it a better look because the back was kind of short for a beam that long.After that,I did some detailing to the scythe with chains and rivets.I will add some styrene strips and panel lines later.

And lastly,I have recast 8 pieces of the tail which i think is enough,but they needs a hell lot of cleaning up.So that means more sanding...I really think that this is what making me lose interest...What to do?...

So lets hope that there will be another update.Off to more sanding:(

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