Saturday, 10 September 2011

How to recast parts of your gundam model using epoxy putty

I have wanted to post this tutorial for a long time,but have always been lazy to do it.But since i have time today,i decided to get this posted.
Here are some examples of recast.

This method is actually quite simple and most of you may already know.So I will try to summaries everything and keep it short.
First,make a casing and fill it halfway with epoxy putty.

Secondly,apply a small amount of baby powder onto the putty and spread it well,this will prevent the piece from sticking onto the putty.Then press down the piece halfway down into the epoxy putty.

Wait until the putty have cured.(Note:Do not remove the piece after the putty have cured.)

Thirdly,apply some more baby powder and press down some more epoxy putty so that it will cover the piece.
Wait until putty have cured,and you have your mold.

Remove the top of the mold and the piece inside.Fill a big piece of epoxy putty into the gaps and using the top mold,gently press it down.(Note:Always apply baby powder to the mold before recast,this would prevent the putty from sicking to the mold.)

Wait for it to cure.Remove the recast and after some sanding,the piece will be good to go.


  1. thanks man, I`ve been looking for a way to cast some pieces of a few models with some chemicals with no success, so I´m going to try this.

  2. your tutorial is soo easy to understand! thanks for not being lazy and putting this up lol. :p

    btw, for what gunpla is that sample part for?

    1. It was originally for the deathscythe hell gundam that i built,but i didnt use it in the end.

  3. thanks for the tutorial!

    Is it possible for the epyon's wing to be recasted this way and will not break down? I'm planning to recast the wings to have 2 pairs instead of buying two MG epyon kits. :D

    1. For big parts like the wings,using resin to recast will be easier.

  4. Very good dude! I will try this. The idea of the baby powder was very good.