Sunday, 25 September 2011

Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" Week 7

This is going to be a very short update,i only manage to paint 1 color and make some progress on the pantheon.I was experiencing burnout earlier this week so i went to take a short break from gunpla.To tell you guys the truth,i didn't expect me to bounce back so quickly.Because in the past when i experience burn out,i would stop gunpla for months.

Ok,enough chit chat and lets get down to business.First up is the bricks pattern that i previously showed,i went to cover them with a layer of diluted putty.This is to show the age of the building by making the gaps of the bricks uneven,some shallow,some deep.

I have also manage to paint light green for the body.I really need to improve on my airbrushing skills as my shading is still a little inconsistent probably due to my shaky hands.Maybe i'll just straight build some kits and paint them after i finish this.

And finally i added some pla plate and panel line work on the dragon fangs.

Thats basically everything i did for the week,which kinda bumps me out when i list the things i did out.I thought i was working fast but actually i'm behind time,so the following weeks is going to be really tough...

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" Week 6

The things that i ordered arrived on monday,which made my week a lot busier but it was fun.Sometimes,i think i work too slow so a change of pace is refreshing.Before i start breaking down the things i've done,i want to tell you guys i'm thinking of changing the color scheme to that of the kshatriya.Since i want green as the main color,the color scheme look like its best suited.For the previous color scheme,my main concern wad the dark grey so i have been looking around for its replacement.Also i decided to not use the light grey too.I will post some samples when i've done mixing the colors,i hope that it will go well.

Now lets get on to the actual topic.i sanded and clean up the spikes for the sword guard and superglued onto it.

I modded the backpack to accomodate the extra shield on the back and make space for the fifth head's neck to be secured.i "kinda" combine the 2 backpack from shenlong and epyon together.But most its still epyon's backack because if i were to mod too much i may have difficulties attaching the wing.

I had to mod the connector on the shenlong's dragon fang so that i can attach them to the arms of the epyon and here is what i have modded.Epyons arm is a little bulkier than shenlong's so i had to remove the piece at the side.
Picture from

Here is how the leg look after i added the spikes to the upper portion of the leg.

My extra metal thrusters also came together with the 2 boxes of shenlong,so i was finally able to fix them onto the booster.

I wanted to show you guys the primed version of the fifth dragon last week,but something broke so i remove it from the previous post.As you guys can see there is still a lot work to be done,also I'm quite concern with the curve panel lines that i want to draw on it.This will be my first time drawing non straight panel i'm a little nervous.

For the diorama,i have started scribing tiles patterns on the front of the pantheon,andi will continue this with the sides of the roof.I will also add more details in the following weeks.And for the pillars,i've made small steps for them to make them look as realistic as possible.

I'm finally at the half way point,and like i said last week i'm going to start painting next week.I will probably start with the light green parts first and separate them into 2 batches,as there is too many to be finished in 1 go.Thats all for now,please stay tune to the next update.Thx:) .

Saturday, 10 September 2011

How to recast parts of your gundam model using epoxy putty

I have wanted to post this tutorial for a long time,but have always been lazy to do it.But since i have time today,i decided to get this posted.
Here are some examples of recast.

This method is actually quite simple and most of you may already know.So I will try to summaries everything and keep it short.
First,make a casing and fill it halfway with epoxy putty.

Secondly,apply a small amount of baby powder onto the putty and spread it well,this will prevent the piece from sticking onto the putty.Then press down the piece halfway down into the epoxy putty.

Wait until the putty have cured.(Note:Do not remove the piece after the putty have cured.)

Thirdly,apply some more baby powder and press down some more epoxy putty so that it will cover the piece.
Wait until putty have cured,and you have your mold.

Remove the top of the mold and the piece inside.Fill a big piece of epoxy putty into the gaps and using the top mold,gently press it down.(Note:Always apply baby powder to the mold before recast,this would prevent the putty from sicking to the mold.)

Wait for it to cure.Remove the recast and after some sanding,the piece will be good to go.

MG Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" Week 5

Hi guys,here i am again doing my weekly update on the epyon gundam.1 more week before i have to start painting,i better hurry up and finish all the mod stuff.I don't like to do both mod and painting at the same time because i like to be organized...Nah joking...I'm just lazy...

Let me see,I decided to forgo the spikes on the wing.The reason is i feel that with the spike there is just too much on the wing and make it rather messy.I hope this is the right decision.

Secondly,i added some "spike" to the leg.To me,i think there is a lot of things that can be done to legs but i better don't be too over ambitious.I'm thinking whether i should add similar "spikes" to the upper joint,i did cut out some design but they don't seem to fit.

I also extended the neck like i did with my DSH to make it look fiercer.I forgot to mention about this last week,but i made this mold to duplicate the pieces i need to mod the sword.Now that i have the pieces i can start work on this next week.However,I'm still thinking what to do with the grip...

I had a little break from gunpla and some of the stuff was rather time consuming.So not too many things done this week,and this is the last thing i did.I've started on the diorama,and i'm building the roof of the pantheon,just the front part.I'm not doing the dome because its too big.I hope i got the scale right,because this have been the source of my headache for a few days...If i'm not wrong its bigger than the gundam.I even took reference from gundam seed destiny the scene where cagalli was going to get married...
The length is about 22cm.

Nothing much to say on the building.So i'm going to talk about the pillars which i left of last time.So the solution that worked for me is using plastic sheet and glued it onto the paper.After that make a mold and pour the plaster in.I've also tried other methods but they didn't do that well.My first few tries with this,the mold slanted when the plaster was left to dry,because it was too heavy so the mold starts to bend.My solution was to use a hollow rod as extra support and place the mold inside.I hope this will be useful if someone else is interested to try this.

I feel a little excited because i'm finally going to paint this,but next week is going to be a rough week,as there are still so much to be done.So see you guys next week!!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" Week 4

Wow,1 whole month have passed by so quickly.I wonder if i really can finish this in 3 months,that means i only have 2 months left...I always doubt myself when there is a time limit,i got to change that mentality and enjoy the build to the fullest...Ok,time to stop my whining and lets talk about the progress i've made this week.

Most of you may be wondering how is the wing doing,so lets start from there.The epoxy work on the wing is almost done and i'm currently focusing on cleaning the boomerang spikes up and duplicating them.And for the extra booster,i'll have to wait for the metal thrusters to arrive in order to progress further.The next step for the wing will be to use pla plates to beef it up.

I have also mixed the colors which i want to use,the main color is dark green and dark grey.For the yellow,i'm going to change it to yellow/orange which looks nicer with the green.For the light grey,i'm still thinking whether i want to change it into another color.Finally,i will be using metallic yellow for the eyes and orb.Tell me what you guys think about the color scheme,ok?I'm still a noob at choosing colors:(

I didn't show any pictures of the body that i have detailed up last week,so here is how some of the parts look after priming.

Here is one mod i did this week on the wing.I putty up the part highlighted in black and cut out a portion of the red part.I did this to cover the frame(which is the red part),now there is a clear separation between the red and dark grey part at the side.
This is how it looks before the mod.
 Picture from dalong.

I hope you guys like what i've done so far,and please stay tune for the next update.Cheers!