Sunday, 18 March 2012

MG Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" SNEAK PEEK

Let me start off by saying sorry to those who were patiently waiting for the update,that never came...I thought i will have enough new content for 1 last update before the completion of this kit,but i was wrong.I couldn't show you guys the dragon head like i said i would,because of time.i didn't want to hold up the progress of other parts,so i went to paint the front portion of the head which doesn't need detailing first.And after that i went to mask that part up,so that i can work on the back portion of the head.So when i was finished with the detailing,i didn't take any photos of it because of the ugly maskings.

So to make up for that,I took some photos after applying the decals and panel lines.Now all thats left to do is to spray a layer of clear flat on them and do some final touches,and the model will be done.The only thing i'm worried about is the weather here,it has been raining almost everyday which makes spraying those clear coats tough...Hope you guys are looking forward to this,i should be able to finish this soon.Cheers!

Oh ya,for the name,i was thinking of "Lermaean,the Indestructible".What do you guys think?