Sunday, 10 July 2011

MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell "The Devil" WIP part 9 (Updated)

This week was terrible...So many things went wrong and I was so frustrated by the amount of work to finish with so little time...According to my plan I need to finish painting everything next week,and that include the diorama,tail and wing.The wing is almost done,it just need some panel lines,but my main concern is the tail which still have a long way until its satisfactory.

There is not much to show this week,just some pictures on the diorama and the tip of the tail which is still work in progress...Sign...
Lets talk how my diorama came into place.As you can see the cracks on the base was done with pla plates but this wasn't my original idea.My idea was to lay cement on the base and when its dry,I can create cracks by knocking it lightly.The problem was the cement did not stick to the base and all just fell off,the reason could be that I added too much water or something else is needed for it to stick.Ya,big fail...Kinda dumb too...

Next,on to the launch pad.I went to cut them into smaller pieces and remove most of the pipes.And i'm quite pleased with the results.Do you guys think I need more damages on them?

There is also the chain scythe that I created from NG deathscythe(s).If i had more time I could have detail them more and make them look cooler.

Tomorrow,I will use dc23's method of adding debris on diorama on this.I will post some photos of that once i'm done and the diorama will be done.Hope you guys like it:)

I guess this will be my first and last competition entry,the time constraint is really stressing me out too much...Now I know why some modelers stay away from competitions...2 more weeks to go!!!

So I have added the debris and going to prime the base now.

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