Tuesday, 14 June 2011

MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell "The Devil" WIP part 5(UPDATED)

Hey guys,I know i'm late for last week's update and i'm sorry.I wasn't able to finish all the detailing up(pla plating,rivets,panel lines),and i didn't want to post a few pictures of some parts that is done.I wanted to show how the whole body looked.Take note that i haven't finish the tail,weapons and wing,there just wasn't enough time,or maybe its because my working speed.I know most of you are waiting for the wing,and i ask you'll to be patient,it should be done after 2 more weeks.

My main focus for this week was to do detailing and clean all the parts up.I will still have to add short styrene strips to some parts,but before that,i will need to see how the whole thing looked after the additional details are added.

The pose may change a little when everything is done and i will adjust it to fit the diorama.

I sawed away the excessive plastic between the fingers,so that it will look like the fingers are separated.If i had time i would separate all the fingers and make each movable,but not this time.

When i'm placing a rivet,i would first drill a hole through that is big enough for the rivet's end to go in.After that,I would drill a larger hole halfway through so that there would be a small gap around the rivet and the rivet won't be sticking out too much.I think this helps the rivets blend in with the kit more.(Eg.Rivet size-1.2mm,second hole size-1.5mm)

I wanted to post this last week but i forgot all about it.This is a mod i did to the shoulder,which allow all the parts to be painted separately.This also allow me to remove the seam line in between the 2 shoulder pieces,by cementing them together.
(Note:The parts which i have cut away are highlighted in yellow,and please pardon my photoshop work,i'm a noob at that.)

Test fitted the wing today and it looks great,I was worried that it will be too big but i think its just nice.

Hope you guys like the overall look,and please stay tune to the next update.Cheers!

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