Saturday, 16 July 2011

MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell "The Devil" WIP part 10(Final update!!!)

Ok guys,this is going to be a short update,I need to go back to work asap as there are still many things to be finished in just less than 2 weeks.
I finished applying the debris and here is the picture of the whole diorama.I will just briefly talk about the method i used to apply the debris.For more information,you can go check out dc23's tutorial here [url][/url].

Apply polyester putty to places you want to add the debris and add small pieces of tubes and pla plates onto it randomly,gently press them down.Then sprinkle some sand onto it and press them down gently again.Wait for the putty to dry and remove the excess sand and tubes.DC23 uses epoxy pioneer which i do not have,so I went with polyester putty which dries kinda fast,so if you are using this add less hardener and add some thinner to the mixture.

The last step is to torch them lightly with flame.When i was using the candle,i thought of using the melted wax as molten steel on the diorama.Haha.

When i was making molten steel dripping down the pipe,the drip was too big so i used my finger nail to kinda sculpt it.I think this method can work,I just need to figure out how to control the size of the drip next time.

And here is the primed version of the diorama,and the molten effect looks ok.I did also redesign the scythe used in the diorama because it really look too plain.I just added some epoxy putty and sanded something similar to the other scythe.Hope you guys like it.

I have not posted photos of the wing in a long time because i need to focus on other mods,but since i'm almost finish with them,i have finally start adding details to the wing.I will start to painting the vents today and the wing should be fully painted in the next few days.

I'm sorry that the panel lines are hard to see,i should have taken a photo before i prime:(

So this will be my final update since its almost done,I may just post some spoiler photos,when i have the time.

There is one more thing that i need to talk about and that is the name,it sounds kinda boring so i went to think of some other name and i hope you guys can give me your thoughts on them.
1.The Devil
2..Devil,The Lawless One
3.The Lawless One
4.The Death-bringer

And lastly,I want to thank all of you guys for all the support you have given until now.If it wasn't for you guys,i may have stop this project long ago and this is the truth.Cheers!!!

Guys,go check out the finished model here!I hope you guys like it:)

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