Friday, 19 August 2011

Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" Week 2

For the past week,i've been continuing with the wing's mods and the fifth head.I'm not sure whether my working pace have slowed down but i do feel a little burnt out over the week.I am spending more time on my xbox now when i have free time rather then on gunpla.Its not that i have lost interest in this build but i'm just a little tired.I hope i can regain my momentum and finish this in time for the local competition that was postpone.

Enough about me,lets get down to the project itself.The dragon head gave me the hardest time because i can't draw,that means i can't sketch out the design that is in my head which would make sculpting it out so much easier.When i'm sculpting,it is usually trial and error.But when that doesn't work,my only option is to finalize the design on paper.Luckily,i was able to sketch out a design that looks like a dragon's head after a lot of tries.

After i got the design on paper,i was able to sand the head out but i'm still thinking where i should attach the weapons to.And the funny thing is that my first few tries on the dragon's head,looks nothing like a dragon.It was more like a eagle's head,and that made me second guess the whole concept.But its better now,and i'm glad i continued.

The progress on the wings are going smoothly,they just need some more time and i think they should be good to go.The thrusters just needs some detailing and i have ordered some HIQ parts for it.

I also needed to make some changes to the backpack for me to attach the fifth dragon to.And thats when i thought of putting the shield on the back since i won't be putting it onto the arm,which turned out to be a rather neat idea.

And for the fangs on the feet,i shorten the fangs a little and sanded them down,before cementing them.I will have to apply some putty to seal up the gaps at the side later on.

This a trial piece of a pillar that i've made using plaster for a pantheon theme diorama.I have some problems with it,so i want to ask whether any of you have tried this before.How do i make the plaster not stick to the corrugated paper?
This is a very ambitious attempt for me and i'm not sure whether i can pull it off but i'll give it a shot.

Thats all for now,thank you guys for viewing my post:)Cheers!

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