Wednesday, 10 August 2011

MG Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" WIP Week 1(part 2)

Hmm,i think i've posted the first wip way too early,with only 4 days of work there wasn't much content.So this will be like a part 2 of week 1's wip.

So for the past few days,i've been working on the wing and thinking how i should approach the 5th head.

Lets start off with the wing,the sanding was very tough this time.I don't know why but i just  can't get the shape right,especially the middle part.So i had to put epoxy and sand over and over again,which was kind of disheartening.It still needs more work but this definitely looks better than my first try.And i should also mention that i haven't even started sanding the other wing,so this is definitely going to be a long journey for me...

 I've also started on the other parts of the wing that i want to add.These are still prototypes that i have to refine further.I'm not good at using pla plates for scratch building so these are the parts that worry me most.

For the fifth head,i added some of the epyon's parts to the side of the head to make it look more dragon like and fiercer.And of course i will have to recast the parts later on.The next step would be to add putty to try to blend the head with the twin cannon together so that it will look like 1 whole piece.This should be done by the next update.

I have also started marking out the places on the body that i want to add rivets.And i've also designed panel lines for some parts.I find this model very different from other model.I don't really know how to explain but i had a hard time deciding which parts need more details and which are the parts that i should leave alone.If you have seen my last project,you'll notice that i don't like to add too much because i know if i do that i'll just keep adding and make the whole thing a mess.

Not sure if i should put the "fangs"...

Thats all for now,i hope that this is more interesting than the first post.Cheers guys!!

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