Saturday, 30 April 2011

Mobile Suit Wing Gundam Custom XXXG-00W0

I bought this kit a year ago,and was hoping to modified its wings and add more details.But it didn't end up as the way i thought so i return the kit back to its original form.

For the color scheme of this kit,i took some ideas from Wing Gundam ver. EW because i thought the original color scheme is kinda plain,and I was quite happy with the final results.I used gun metal color for the internal frame,and for the weapons i spray silver on them first then used black pastel to polish so as to get a rusty metal effect.This is the first time i use this method which i found on the web(pardon me for forgetting who and where i saw this from),that guy used graphite instead of pastel however i got the wrong grade of graphite(i think it was 6B or higher),so i tried pastel and the result was still ok.But i will try graphite next time.

After seeing the final product,i was glad that i didn't continue modifying despite some early failures as it would just make it more complicated and maybe uglier.Thats why sometimes i say "simple is better".

So this was how the kit looked straight out of the box,before i did any modding.

I completed this diorama a couple weeks ago,however i wanted to wait for the completion of the gundam wing custom before i post photos of the gundam on it.However,as you can see i still haven't put the gundam on.This is because i could not decide whether i should use it,after seeing how the model turned out.Maybe it would be a better choice to make a land gundam for it,what do you guys think?

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