Thursday, 14 April 2011

SD Blitz Gundam WIP part 1

I bought this a long time ago and stopped building it halfway.I was not skilled enough to build a nice SD model then.But since i'm finishing with my MG gundam wing custom,i thought i might as well start preparing for my next build and maybe its time to try challenging myself with this model.
I dont know to go with the sword or without it.Any suggestions?

Last time i stopped after putting cement on some of the parts,so my first task was to sand them down.
I also did some research on SD model on which parts i can work on to make it look nicer.I started with filling epoxy putty into holes that are obvious like the v fin,shield,etc.
My next task was to sharpen the v fin,claw and chin to make the model slicker.It was a tedious process,but my sanding router help me save a lot of time.And using sanding sponge to sand the v fin make my life a lot easier.
I may sharpen the v fin a little more,but i'm worried that it'll break.

I notice that there were plastic in between the missiles on the shield to prevent breakage,but i find it ugly so i decided to cut them away.I was extremely careful when cutting away the plastic as those thin missiles are very fragile,and i did almost break the middle one.Lucky!
The front was halfway done when i forgot to take picture.

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