Sunday, 5 February 2012

Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" Part 9

After a long break,i'm finally back!I'm so sorry for the long wait,but I definitely needed the break,it not only helped me recharged my "thinking cap" but also my motivation.I feel more refreshed now and ideas just keeps flowing into my head.

I know you guys want to know what i have done this week,so lets get right down to business.I have only started working on epyon after the completion of my MG Kampfer,so a lot of the stuff are still the same as before.The main body is almost done,just the painting of the frame and some parts are left.And now im focusing on the 2 main mods that still needs to be done which are the wing and the backpack.

For the wing,i have added some pla plates which i was having a hard time with before the break because i couldn't think of any designs for them.

A major change that I've made is with the 5th dragon head.I'm now planning to use the claw from 1/100 gundam nataku instead of the head i have "sculpted".I've been thinking,the dragon head may look nice but its just too impractical to a gundam.Gundams are weapons and if i cant make the dragon head into a practical weapon,then what is the point of adding it?However i do need a fifth head so i thought of using the claw from nataku which also looks like a dragon head,and its also a suitable weapon.I just need to make some changes so that it would suit a MG model.

There are several mods that i have made,extending and sharpening the fangs to make it look fiercer.And shortening the length of the claw to fit the backpack.Lastly,i did some mods to the joints for the fangs and the head so that i can paint them separately after cementing.For next week,i will try to make something to replace the white fin,which i don't like.And put a ball joint under the head so that i can join it with the neck.

The mods on the backpack are mostly done,the one thing that is giving me a headache is that i still find a suitable joint for the neck and backpack.I have tried using a pipe,but it looks too plain...Maybe you guys can give me some ideas?

I'm using bluetack for this.Haha:)

Thats all for now,I hope you guys are still excited of this build,and i'm really sorry for the long wait.


  1. I'm guessing you used the hg 1/100 natuku? Didn't see we're u said exactly which

  2. I mentioned that i use 1/100 gundam nataku.