Wednesday, 18 May 2011

MG Eypon Gundam or MG Delta Plus

This are 2 of the upcoming kits that will be release in june and august respectively.So I'm here to share my thoughts on which kit to get.I know most people would say get both,but for some like me,do not have the money or time to finish both before something even better get released(I hope).
If you guy have read my last post about epyon,I clearly wasn't impressed about it.However,when I saw the new photos of eypon at shizuoka hobby show,I was speechless...The color and decal changed how the whole kit looked,the decal make it looked slicker and the color make it look fiercer.Oh,did I mention about the saber,can't wait to put shading on that monster.
Next on my list is the MG Delta Plus,the only things I can say about this kit is that its slick,cool and great for modding.Whats more do I need to say,the kit speaks for itself...
So,tough decisions right?Lets break it down one bit,both kit can transform,so why not compare the 2 modes of each kit together?

First,we compare the flight mode of both kits.For this,I would say that the eypon have a more unique flight mode compared to the delta plus which have a fighter jet look.Now that i look closely,doesn't eypon look a bit like transformer...hmm...Maybe its just me...For me,if I'm going for this mode,I would surely go for the eypon. Delta Plus flight mode would only look good in a squadron,but I don't think I can afford that,maybe 1/144?Haha...

Now for the tough one,how do you even decide?Weapons wise,all of them look great,especially the shields. Eypon's shield,heat rod and sword are just wicked,they look sharp and swift that could destroy anything in it path.For Delta Plus,the shield is very detailed with the missiles sticking out and the rifle is great looking.You can add more missile pod on the shield or expose some of the inner parts,and you can add a scope on the rifle or maybe an under barrel.So I would say weapon wise,eypon takes the lead.
Now for the body,both has a very different look,eypon has a big build and delta plus is slim.Delta plus's armour have a lot of lines,angles in them which make the whole body looks very detailed.Also,with the semi exposed leg,with the piston sticking out,adds to its overall details.On the other hand,eypon have a menacing look with all the sharp edges around its body.However,the lack of lines/level on the wing and shoulder make it less appealing,even though the decals made up for some parts (note:delta plus have no decal yet).
So,I guess its a draw.However,if you are going to straight build out of the box,I do recommend eypon. Delta Plus have great modding potential if you have the time.If not,give it a custom color scheme,making it one of a kind.
Tell me what you guys think.Cheers...


  1. I agree with you all and all. I would like to see a squad of deltas (3-4) In flight mode coming at a huge figure idk something like a 1/48 scale nu gundam (first gundam I could think of) I figure that in a diorama would look bad ass

    1. Ya,that would look damn cool!And the diorama would be huge.