Tuesday, 2 August 2011

MG Gundam Epyon "The Hydra" Preview

First, there was Gundam Wing Zero custom.

And then there was Gundam Deathscythe Hell.

Now,let me continue my gunpla journey with the wing series.

Haha,pardon my fancy intro,i thought it would be funny.Anyway,for my next kit i'm going with another model from the wing series,because i love them.Without this series,I won't have come to love gundams and started gunpla.No haters please,i love the other series but this is the one that brought me into the world of GUNDAMS.And i love their designs a lot.

Pardon my rough sketch:(

I am going with the MG Gundam Epyon and i'm going for a dragon theme.Here is a little sneak peek of the wing design.Some of you must have seen something similar to this,and yes you are right,the design is somewhat similar to a poster of epyon gundam on the net and thats where i got part of my inspiration from.It looks very cool and i don't think anyone have tried making it so i'm going to give it a try.But i am still unsure whether i have the skills to execute it,but you will never know until you try.
My other inspiration came from gundam epyon white,which is basically is the combination of altron gundam and gundam epyon and i'm going to do something like that.I'm like breaking all my old NG wing series model for all these MG models...haha...I hope you guys like the idea.Cheers:)

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