Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My Work Station

After every project i will try to clean up my station and tidy everything up,so it won't get too messy for my next project.This is also a great time to check what stuff you need to resupply.I finally found some time to do some cleaning up and i thought i will show you guys my work station before it becomes messy again.

So this is my humble work station,it is not very big and it gets crowded real fast,especially when you are doing mods and painting at the same time.Equipment wise,i don't have much but its enough,a 3 years old compressor,2 airbrush for easy shading(1 for base,1 for the color),etc.And I have a hell lot of paints leftover...

Next,is my not so humble collection.4 large boxes of model kits.Don't ask me why i bought so many,I definitely regret it...haha...

And lastly,this is my display cabinet.It is running out of space real fast and there are several painted kits that i have keep in boxes due to the lack of space to display them.I was thinking of getting another cabinet but i don't have space to put it...sad..sad..

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