Monday, 3 October 2011

24 Hours Build Challenge(SD Qubeley)

Recently,i joined this group build on gundam eclipse that requires the modeler to finish building a kit within a 24 hour time frame.I think this group build will be very interesting because i'm a very slow worker and i am curious to see whether i can complete this challenge.I don't want to be over ambitious so i choose a small SD kit which i think is easy to build and paint.The kit that i will be working on is the SD Qubeley which have been collecting dusk even since i got it years back.

The rules are simple,every models must be completely painted and have the seam lines remove.For this build,my only concern would be the curing times for the cement,putty and of course the paints.For example,putty and cement can take a few hours to completely dry so that means during those few hours i can't do anything else.For the paints,i'm worried about the clear coats because clear coats must be applied when it is sunny and when the moisture level is low.Otherwise,white spots will appear on the parts and i will have to repaint them.If that happens,i don't think i will be able to finish in time.

I will be working on this build on the 8th of October.I will be posting the wip on gundam eclipse forum and also on this blog as i'm working on it.What do you guys think?Will i be able to complete this challenge?

Speaking about group builds,there will be this Universal Century VS Alternate Century group build starting on the 10th October to 31th December,which the admins and i have organize on gundam eclipse forum.Basically this group build is spilt into 2 groups,1 group will be making UC models and the other group making AC models.And for each group there is a list of colors you choose from and create a custom color scheme for your model.Sounds interesting?Go check it out here and for more information...


  1. Hello. I see you haven't posted in a few days, This site is kinda weird to comment with, but just letting you know i think your work is outstanding and i have this page bookmarked and i check it every other day to see if youve updated. im really excited to see what you can do with the epyon, this quebely also

  2. I've stopped work for about 2 weeks now because i feel that i need a break to get my creative juice and interest back.Sorry for the lack of post,i'll get back to gunpla soon.Thanks for supporting my work,i really appreciate it:)

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  4. Welcome to my blog!i'm glad you are finding it useful:)