Friday, 10 June 2011

New images and plot about upcoming gundam series "gundam age"

Piloting a Gundam to fight to defend the Earth! Suffering an attack from the sudden appearance of the enemy “UE”, Frite completes the “Gundam” together with technological developers of the Federation Forces. With the power to become strong while fighting, the unknown enemy “UE” is beaten back one by one. In order to protect mankind, the Gundam sallies forth!
Frite (or Gullit) Asuno – Main character who developed the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE-1 equipped with the AGE SYSTEM.Asem Asuno - The second main character and son of Frite. Inherits the Gundam and fights.Kio Asuno - The third main character and grandchild of Frite. Inherits the Gundam passed down from generation to generation.Emily - Friend of Frite since the age of seven.Groudeck – Earth Federation Forces Commander. Captain of the battleship Diva.Millais – Earth Federation Forces Lieutenant Junior Grade. Comm chief of the battleship Diva.Gafuran – A mysterious enemy like an alien who strikes at mankind.
The Gundam AGE-1 is the main characters unit. Although it’s a machine, surprisingly, the Gundam grows with the “AGE SYSTEM”. It’s form seems to change with growth from experience in battle!*(This may be interesting,as we can look forward to new versions of gundam age-1,and hopefully it will have nicer design.And since there are 3 generation,maybe there also will be 3 versions of gundam age.)

GUNDAM AGE-1 SPARROW (Speed Type) – A cool blue unit is the highlight. The enemy is torn to shreds with the cutting edge of the sharp Sigl Blade.(The mech on the left)
GUNDAM AVE-1 TITUS (Power Type) - Though it doesn’t appear to carry weapons, with it’s unbelievable destructive power it crushes the enemy.(The mech on the right)

Source-Zeonic Scanlations,Gundam Guy

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