Sunday, 8 January 2012

WIP MG Kampfer Part 1(Damages)

My overall concept for this model is that i want to make it into a gundam that have gone through many battles,and to do that adding damages to the kit is a must.If i have the time to make a diorama i would make it as if this kampfer is the last machine among his squadron,still standing and battling its way out.Thus i went a little light on the damages,just a few scratches and slashed marks.So as to make a significant contrast to his fallen comrades when the diorama is done.However,i won't be able to make the diorama in time for the group build since i started this project quite late.

Anyway,here is what i have done for the kit over the past week.

Let me show you guys the tools i used for adding damages.There are these mini tools that you can attach to a router to make realistic damages by scraping plastic off of parts.I used them for slashed marks and small cuts mainly.Next is a corse sanding tool that i use to scrap the edges of the parts to show bump marks that is creating during melee fights and also the age of the machine.Lastly,to create burns holes created by beam rifles or cannons,we need to first make a hole and using soldering iron,melt the plastic around the edges of the hole to show the beam melting through the thick layer of metal armor.If you don't have a soldering iron,you can also use the fire from candles,but its harder to control the radius of the burn.So i only use direct flame when i'm making big burn marks.

Here are some useful tips that i would like to share with you guys.Take a photo of the kit after assembly and plan out the damages on your model by drawing them on the photo first.Also i found it useful to fully prime the kit before adding damages,so that you can roughly see how the damages will look like after painting.

I hope you guys learned something from this week's update.I will start painting tonight and the color scheme will be the same as the one in the manual,only the blue will be a little different.Thank you for viewing this post,cheers:).

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