Monday, 4 April 2011

My thoughts on MG Epyon Gundam

When i heard that there will be a MG epyon coming out soon i was very excited,since i didnt get the NG version of it and epyon is one of the cooler gundam on wing series.However,when they release the colored version of the kit,i was rather dissapointed.It just seems that the body proportion is a little off,the head is kinda small compared to the huge lower body.This may be because of the color scheme,im not sure.I personally would get rid of the light grayish purple and change some of the "red" on the leg to black,if i was going to follow the epyon color scheme.
The wings doesn't look menacing enough,and the gimmick on the feet seems useless as it can only be used in MA/twin head dragon mode.However,there is one thing in this kit that excites me,and thats the shield and heat whip!Those things are so cool that may make someone buy the whole kit just for that.
Overall,this is not a must buy for me.However,i think this kit have the potential to be modified into a cool kit.

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